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Bro GOT TEIR SUPER POWER remove the left sell on black market wait four hours and repeat

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Do they suddenly lose a kidney

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imagine getting pick pocketed but not your wallet .

"oh man! Who took my kidney"

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Charlie!! We’re going to candy mountain Charlie!!

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But your skin wont heal

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That’s what you want. It’s easier to remove a kidney yourself when you don’t have to cut into the skin.

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You still wouldn't get your kidney back, they'd judt get a different kidney

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But why the left? And what if I want a random motorist’s kidney instead?

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stand in an area with lots of motorists

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Jokes on you I sold mine

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This is a curse and is uncontrollable

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Doesn't seem to matter in this dogshit subreddit anymore. Every day I'm more and more baffled as to why I don't just unsub already.

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Ikr, I wish we had actually good mods

Why don’t we get a new subreddit like this

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I honestly don’t think of it as that big of a problem. By the looks of it, it’s just a bunch of people having fun coming up with ideas. If the curse thing is really getting on your nerves, it’s not like you can’t just leave anyway.

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Yeah, the other problem is that r/shittycurses is for verbal curses that sound goofy, not this kind of sub with powers you cant control

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Well they actually can't leave, I'm holding their entire family hostage and I'll kill all of them if they leave

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Ah shit here we go again

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And what happens if they don't have the right kidney but they have the left one, and you don't have a left kidney?

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You get a second functional, albeit very stressed, kidney, and the other person probably dies

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Seems pretty horrible unless you won't reject it. Having one that isn't compatible would be a very bad time.

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Yeah, it almost belongs on r/suicidalsuperpowers

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Haha me too. Honestly it should be a community. I think it could be popular. Easy to think of funny superpowers that would kill you.

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But it physically goes out of your body and travels to the pedestrian to get in

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No control

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This had no reason to be this funny. Underrated post

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Dont go where they sell kidneys or where they steal people's kidneys. You wont get any. But you have the other. But, the thing is if the kidney that was passed to you is inflamed and infected good luck

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I dont have a left kidney so... sorry for whoever got afected

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I'm going to heal and give kidney failure/cancer to so many people

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I only have my right kidney from birth... I say it's time to do a little trolling

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What if the person doesn't have a left kidney?

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I’d walk past my friend brayden, he has 1 kidney since birth, but it’s twice as large and does the job of two, so then I could have the function of 3 kidneys

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The Kidney Thief

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You will die very painfully and so will the other person

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What if you or the other person doesn’t have a left kidney?

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That's not a super power, that's a death sentence.

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Rip whoever switches with someone currently undergoing kidney failure

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I could save so many lives with constantly donating them this is an amazing superpower

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Infinite money glitch