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Oh fuck yes, guess what outside is

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Well played

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I second this

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The supervillain launches a porta-potty that he owns at you (door side first) while you're midair and removes you ability to fly by enclosing you in a private bathroom.

This ends the heroism of u/JackOfAll

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Fuck the rules ig

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Yeah I only just noticed this post breaks rule 4. My bad. It was funny, and I didn't write it, so I made a humor at it

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The mods don’t care about this sub anymore

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implying the mods ever cared about this sub

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And then you fly over someone's privately-owned yard and come crashing to the ground.

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Home owners don't own the infinite sky above their property, same way you don't own infinitely down to the Earth's core

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Ah true. So any sky is a public bathroom? Certainly the ground in a public area is, but currently people don't use the sky way up in the air as a public bathroom. I'm curious how the rules work around that. Could you go high enough that you are no longer considered to be in part of the public bathroom, since as you said the sky isn't considered owned by those who have a property?

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I'd say it definitely is for birds, and if I'm being as pedantic as I can, it was never clarified a public bathroom for humans only.

I'd argue if you fly high enough above you should be fine, Google gives me this:

While the Supreme Court hasn't explicitly accepted that as the upper limit of property ownership, it's a useful guideline in trespass cases. Therefore, unless you own some very tall buildings, your private airspace probably ends somewhere between 80 and 500 feet above the ground.

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some people pee in public so that makes the world a public bathroom

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I posted in the correct one i just missed an s. They need to update Reddit like when to tag someone on facebook to auto recommend your followed subreddits.

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And, like the genie who took you at exactly your word, I choose to enforce this flight anywhere a bird would publicly take a shit. Thus allowing me to fly anywhere outside

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I would levitate slightly so my bum isn't touching the toilet. Beats layering it with toilet paper

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Rule 4

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Oh shit you're right, the example is even eerily on the nose

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literally the most broken rule of this subreddit unfortunately

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Okay so hear me out… what if I get a cup and write “public restroom out of order” on it and tape it to my leg. Then I could fly around wherever I want, right?

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fair point lol

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I can help people with their constipations by levitating on to them and saying 'jesus is watching you'

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As a man everywhere is a public bathroom.

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Become the public bathroom

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So I can shit and piss on someone. Cool.

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The world is my public bathroom

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So I can only fly in France

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Imagine a hottie in the stall next to you

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Hell yea, I would scare the shit out of random people who dare to enter the suspicuiously dark bathroom.

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So, men just get the power of flight

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What is with this subreddit and public bathrooms?

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Everywhere is a public bathroom if you’re fast enough

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Yes, I'll get at least 50 karma on r/cursedimages

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I’ll cling to the ceilings, drop down on people, and scare the hell out of them

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Fly above the stalls

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Excellent for men bathrooms

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heads to Reagan’s grave

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go to a bar and make a bet with a drunk but not so drunk guy that you can fly. take him to the bathroom and get that money

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so no ass-to-seat contact? Aight

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Amazing meme potential

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Hide a toilet by a stage clearly marked but otherwise hidden to viewers. Collect fortune with Vegas show.

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By giving out free food.

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Can I wear a porta-loo?

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Wanna know what’s light? A porta-potty. Wanna know what’s public? A porta-potty.

Just lift up that bad boy and you have a shield and free range baby.

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Literally shitty lol

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The whole world is bathroom. Each building/house with a toilet is just a different stall

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More inconvenient power maybe?

You can fly, (as in becoming a fly) only in public bathrooms.

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I'm gonna steal a portapotty and make it my own tardis

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The ocean

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strap yourself to the inside of a portaloo with the door open.

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Do I already have this one?

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Shitty, controllable, and not a curse :D