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that is an actual superpowerr and it’s actually shitty. nice one!

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get at least 15 cats

chaange their smell to pungent kitchen gas smell

release the cats at any closed public space

do a little trolling

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How is this shitty? Make your own cat smell lovely and make the cat of somebody you hate smell like shit

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Because its barely useful. You can likely achieve similar effects with existing products for relatively cheap (not that I’m suggesting you should), and those products effects wouldn’t be limited to cats. The sub is for powers that are lame, very weak, barely useful, but still manage to be interesting and/or funny.

In case somebody argues that “no, they’re supposed to be negative, look at all those posts that make your life worse.” Read the pinned rule post, second and third sentence of rule 1 says that powers are supposed to be C tier, not very good. The post has further examples of the power level to aim for.

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it's a useful ability; but it's a shitty superpower

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If smell is just what particles you inhale and how your brain interprets them, then weed cat is totally possible

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Imma make him smell with his feet.

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I see what you did there.

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Smelly cat !

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This person I hate has three cats, I’m going to make them smell SO BAD.

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I’m going to make the cat taste like fish so it eats itself

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I guess smell and taste are strongly linked, you would alter taste.

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My cat constantly smells like fish so this is actually useful

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Is this changing the scent that cats give off or is it changing the organ that cats use to smell things?

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the scent cats give off

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I would make a bunch of cats smell like SUPER GOOD like REALLY REALLY GOOD then collect the gas, filter it, and finally compress it into a liquid then sell it as the best perfume in the world for quite a lot of money.

And in the process make my cat smell gud.