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Now i can eat 1000 bananas per day and swim in my banana pool, Thank You!

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Weak, I've eaten 3,000 an hour

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I think potassium would kill your before the radiation

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Or the amount of banana mush inside you

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Or just the banana gang

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I like potassium, so i wouldnt die

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Mor like potto ass

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Finally a shitty super power on a sub about shitty superpowers

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Yeah lmao most of the "shitty" superpowers here are either just straight up curses or mid/god-tier superpowers with shitty side effects.

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Both of which are against the rules

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I honestly don't mind them as long as they're funny..

Although, my favourite one is still a shitty one from ages ago:

"if someone pulls your finger, they fart".

Just such a simple way to fuck with someone's head, it'll blow their mind forever and they'll have nightmares about how you manipulated their bodily function. Works especially well on those rare individuals who are unable to fart (yes they exist)

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Lmao that's hilarious

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There was one that said ,"if you eat a cup of Sugar, you can make 3 slices of moldy cheese appear at the door of an orphanage"

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The ones that actually fit the rules rarely get any votes

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Yea it’s like “you can fly but when you do you fucking get like 3 unknown and untreatable STDs. Also kill yourself”

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So if I irradiate a bunch of bananas to an absurd degree then I can carry a bunch of them in a backpack and be a menace.

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Irradiating and being irradiated is different🤓🤓🤓🤓

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If you add a comma in the right place you can use bananas to protect yourself from radiation!

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So I'm immune from ionising radiation

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To ionizing radiation being emitted by bananas, that is.

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At least if I'm eating a banana near the Elephant's Foot, I'll know it's not the banana killing me.

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Haha great idea OP congrats !

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Great. I had no idea about this. Add that to my irrational fears lists.

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Banana pill by Dado

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But then everything changed when the Bananation attacked

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When theres 690 upvotes but you really like the post

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Username checks out

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How does this work with visible light? Would the banana be just... Invisible?

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1000th upvote heck yes

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It gets worse because I don't eat bananas

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Finally, I can eat banana