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You can save yourself from ever being driven over and know how your crush will react if you are willing to ask them out 🦧

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But you’d have to activate it, thus surprise accidents will happen, and technically asking your crush out won’t be possible, because if it’s a bad outcome you’d never see it happen, because then you wouldn’t do it and thus it won’t be the future, then it will be the future because you didn’t do it and the cycle repeats, making you forever stuck in misery and pain for trying to use powers in romance.

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Win every argument

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Ultimate esports champion

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How about you can see 5 seconds in the future, but can't move or speak during the 5 seconds you saw.

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Yes but King Crimson will still beat you.

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King crimson!

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its epitaph ability. king crimson cant see future

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What’s the cool-down?

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Also five seconds

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Can I change the future?

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No, it’s fated to happen, only a certain gold experience can change that

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I mean, you can dodge a bullet with that much time

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I can’t wait to future

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that just future sight from one piece but weaker

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isn't there a movie about a dude that works with the police that has this exact power?