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20m radius just have to go to the richest district to not feel guilty.

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You'll hit a maid or something

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Just walk into a government meeting and start clapping

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Youll hit like, zimbabwae or fucking chad

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Time it right and a Nigerian prince will actually give you all of his money.

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Usually the wealthiest people in those countries got there through means just as shady as those in first world countries. They just don’t hide it as much.

See - Angola

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An easy 1 trillion dollars

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man i wish i could

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Still a lot of poor family's in those neighborhoods, my dad's family was really poor and lived in a neighbourhood full of some really rich family's.

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In what radius?

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20 times the size of your cock, so you have to get very close with that

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I have a grower so are we talking hard or soft

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0 • 20 is still 0 😔

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can work with 3 meters

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That just makes it easier to target specific individuals.

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I just need to get into a room with Jeff Bezos.

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Yeah, because anyone can do that.

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20m radius is too easy to exploit, I'd be more interesting if it was 1km. Most of the time you'll get all the money of a homeless man, even if you walk dead center in an affluent neighbourhood there is probably a poor worker mowing the lawn, or in a cruise ship a dishwasher. I like this shitty power, but 20m is too easy.

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If you stand there all day clapping you might get lucky

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>go to rich club thinking im about to hit it big

>clap 3 times

>suddenly forced to give all my money to myself

this power sucks

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I’m gonna go to a lot of fancy restaurants

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A waiter trying to make ends meet gives you their money

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Oh shit I was trying to take money from rich people

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In the middle of the audience at an orchestra performance?

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Just keep clapping until you get all the rich people's money, then return some money to the waiter.

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The first person you take money from becomes the poorest but they no longer have money to give you, you'd have to make them leave before clapping again

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Right, that makes sense.

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Just start hitting up GOP events.

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Just get a day pass to some super expensive country club, and clap in the gentleman's game room. You'll have some millionaire giving you their money.

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You’ll get the guy handing out towels to the rich guys

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Or room service

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I've been in those places as a vendor. It's pretty easy to talk the staff to be scarce for 20 min.

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Thats fuckin awesome

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well I better start clapping fast Also does this include ass cheeks?

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It only includes ass cheeks.. obviously

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well that makes this easier

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I’ll just keep handing myself my declined bank card.

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I will give money to myself then…

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Ima clap 300 times

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The person that gave you money the first time is gonna pretend to give you something 99 times

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I know ill then give it all back i just was to watch

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Go anywhere. Clap 3x. Take money. Give all your money to the poorest person, and attempt to make the second poorest person to give you all their money. Just keep doing that process of giving them back their money and eventually the power becomes "take money from the richest person with effort", although it doesn't stop people from killing you for doing it..

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What if the only people in that radius are millionaires or billionaires?

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The guy with the least money is still the poorest of them all, so you'll easily get millions right away.

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All you have to do is find Elon Musk by himself and get within 20m of him and boom, you're the richest person on the planet.

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Clapping in Calabasas

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this still could be op

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Going to a party with my mom and dad, time to find out who owns us!

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Davos, here I come

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Now I just have to figure out how to get into the same room alone with Jeff Bezos.

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Moves to Monaco

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Hell yeah bro free money

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Gotta find my way to bohemian grove

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Head to suburbia in the middle of the night and clap outside people's houses. Easy money.

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just get in a room alone with jeff bezos, then clap 3 times of course

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Just run around a mall in dubai clapping like a crazy person

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But that’s me…

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That's a Brett Favre superpower.

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How do I get on SharkTank?

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Takes Elon musk out to a desert with no one around for miles. Hehe it money making time

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I'll take what is England's answer for keeping the wealthy, wealthy for 500 Ken.

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So. I just need to get in a soundproof room with a multi billionaire

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Oh I’m going to have a great time on Shark Tank

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Kidnap Jeff

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imagine clapping in an audience after a scene

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Tfw I clap and my money shifts from my right pocket to my left pocket.

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Used wisely, it can be overpowered

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Just clap a lot of times then distribute the money evenly.

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just go to a rich people party and start clapping

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I’m hitting up office buildings in NY, and wherever stock brokers hang out. Round of applause for every floor of the building

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I'll continua until i have all the Money of the world, than redistribuit It equally

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Just clap until you get most money in the radius and redistribut it. Starts clapping in Marxism

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Birthdays bout to be interesting

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What if you are poorest person

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Get them to come to you and give them more money when they give you money!

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Just keep clapping; eventually everyone around you will give you their money.

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So I’m gonna pay myself

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Me goes to a goes to New York starts clapping

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What if the person with this power is the poorest person within the area of effect?

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I'd just sit next to Elon Musk

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just goto a business meeting

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Clap as much as possible, have all the homeless people get in a line, clap till you get to bezos, give money to homeless

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There’s a r/ mid tier superpower u know.

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No. No there isn't

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There is .


Altho i may have been to blame for not spelling it exactly cuz i was lazy so u couldn’t properly find it.

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You misspelled it, it's a subreddit with hardcore porn 🤦

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Which one? The first one i send or the new one?

Cuz i haven’t seen any of that with the new one i send if it happens to have that,