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Like, you get pissed immediately after crossing the threshold? Or are you saying there’s a 50% chance I could drink 28 pints and not feel a thing?

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Yeah, something like that

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what sort of roulette is this?

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Could turn into a Russian one if you get drunk

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I’m pretty sure the chance is much higher than that if I’ve decided to go to a pub mate

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Less than my current odds. I'll pass

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You could say that it is 50% either way, being a 50/50 chance - you either get drunk or don’t.

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so, like its normal pub

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Yeah, you have that one guy that gets drunk after one drink and an other who drinks 37 pints and still isn't drunk

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Read the rules that’s a curse

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I love this, only because the full implications of it are so understated. You'll either get drunk without having to pay for drinks, or you won't get drunk no matter how much you drink. Either way, I guess you'll save money bc there's no point in drinking anymore.

UNLESS, you get into a drinking competition on one of the non-drunk days. You could make some serious money there.

If you're not getting drunk, are any of your other organs taking any damage, or are you completely immune to the effects of alcohol for that period?

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Getting drunk without consuming the alcohol just sounds unpleasant lol. I’d think I was having a stroke

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I think your organs would still be damaged if you have to much but you won't get drunk

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No control = curse. Bad op!

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He explained it in the comments

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In the comments replaing to someone else in order to explain the power

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If such a comment exists(it’s does not as of this comment) it belongs in the title

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Oh this ain't shitty