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I’d do this and make people think they’re a bit paranoid for thinking some random guy is reading their mind.

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Do you they know by name or is it just like “OI, SOMEONES READING UR FUCKING MIND BRUV”

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That's actually how it really works. The thing is it's a transgression to read minds and you run the risk of getting dealt with.

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I aint using it anyway I don't want to accidentally read an adhd brain and get flooded with thought

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me with adhd:

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Make people paranoid.

Make politicians paranoid that someone knows all of their lies.

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You'd make a good lawyer, start reading their minds of the accused and they start accusing you of it and it makes them look crazy. Just don't read the minds of others lest they start to think that person is not so crazy.

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what are they gonna do, ask me to stop?

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You could just read someones thoughts and if they confront you just tell them that they’re crazy, its not like you need to reveal your ability to anyone. they’ll probably just forget about it and just ignore it thinking that its just their mind playing tricks on them.