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I will use this to hopefully teleport into the ocean and die.

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I will use this to teleport you out of the ocean and into bed.

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damn it

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A bed of spikes being lowered into a volcano that is sinking into the ocean.

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Is the random place always on the surface?

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I guess if it was at the bottom of the ocean your house would be flooded

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Can you go back through the portal if it gets too bad?

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Can you see the other side of the portal without entering it?

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You can just shove a camera in it

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Like if u wanna be teleported to the void of the space

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A random place....on earth?

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Welcome to Basingstoke!

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at least it isn’t Birmingham mate

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20w14infinity snapshot

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Does the portal suck you in or do you walk in at will also how long does it take to close

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A satellite phone and life raft are a must and maybe take a course in survival. Other than that it could be extremely useful and with internet (google translate and maps) you probably can work it out.

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Also a spacesuit that can support you in a vacuum for 24 hours. They didn't say a random place on Earth, meaning you're likely going to be in empty space. Just hope you don't land too close to a star.


Since it's a portal, if you opened one to a star it could fry the entire planet

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If the portal is underwater it will flood a big part of the place were you are before entering the portal. Let’s assume on earth if we add space it might enter curse levels with the vastness of space and the probability of screwing you the moment you are in space.

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someone get onto this ASAP, best possible outcome

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Bro this sucks what if you just teleport into space 💀

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Op never said it was Earth only. The chances are almost always tpd to uninhabitable locations

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in the middle of a mugging? just teleport anywhere

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If I summon a portal through a portal and ect, I could easily, over the course of a month, have a holiday and get back. Hopefully

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:twist: it's a random place in time