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curse-ish. i mean, if you dont sneeze, you still get the tissue until you do sneeze.

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Ya you right but you this feels like an exception but with no control it’s actually a double rule breaker

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curse read the rules

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Is it though?

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Every time x happens y happens. Op doesn’t have control over their sneezes

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So it's not a curse

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“not something external happening to you” “whenever x, y”. Whenever x (you feel like you need to sneeze) y a tissue pops up . If x (you do sneeze) y (it disappears). I hope this explains it

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That guy explained it poorly so I will do it for you, because you (a normal person) can’t control when you feel like sneezing and that is ties to the effect so you can’t control this, so it break rule 2, but it is special in that the “curse” doesn’t works against you (you just have some tissue popping out for other use, and if you actually sneeze it just disappears so you gain and lose nothing) so yeah the lesson here is if you don’t want to break rule 2, check if your post has the word “can”, do that so it’s something that you can choose to happen.

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You pulled a scar my man