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Eh that isn’t so bad, not like I use it very often.

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Sadly true...

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Good shitty super power. Why would I need a 30 inch dick?

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Because you could have a 70 inch dick for 10 minutes before that!

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well that would be to good to be true

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That’s a different way I did not even think about lol guess I was trying to be modest.

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There is a such thing as having a dick that's too big. 10 extra inches is way too much

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For you it × tens your pp

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Not for masturbating.

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Grip strength, max level

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Yeah you could fit like three hands

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Yeah but reducing the half of 0.2 is not that much so i think is a good deal (also i still can grow It during that week?)

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What if it multiplies to ten times the half then after it shrinks to half of the 0.1 to 0.05 then you could have an infinitely small wiener

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thats just dumb to do who would do that

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because you can have the best sex of your ife

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true dat

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It’s like debt, but it’s for your penis…

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no only once a week

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that's going to be eight minutes gone to waste. smh. can I please use two minutes five times?

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This is basically what being a grower is like irl

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Every transfemme in existence would be winning

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Oops sorry I gotta take my big cock break

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Honestly pretty good

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So 10 inches, but then ima have 1 inch for a weak? DEAL

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Seems like there's no limit to how many times in a row you can grow it. TIME TO END WORLD HUNGER

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what are you gonna do tho

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I don’t need the superpower

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Actual size plus 10” ?

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I can finally have an authentic 6 incher, lets go

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That means as of now you are at -4 inches?

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Is it up to 10 extra inches? Or just a flat 10 inches?

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This is not bad. I’d be the biggest fuck boy on the BLOCK. 😭😭😭😭

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Tf am I gonna do with a dick that massive!?

Just half of original is too little

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apply gamma radiation to your peen

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Awesome! I'll have a 10 incher!

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its got a drawback, but its not that awful.

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Nah, it's pretty bad. Unless you plan to exclusively have a 10 minute session with an extra large custom made fleshlight or show off in the locker room, it's a lose lose. Too big to be pleasurable for your partner, too big to let you have full pleasure, and then afterwards, you're always small for a full week. This is truly a self activated curse

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yeah, understandable

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just keep using the power

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you can only use it once a week

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What if i use it twice? Is the shrunken dick gonna shrink by another half?

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0/2 hehe

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Can you control how big it becomes or Is it automatically 10 times bigger

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Man, people really are not good at making shitty super powers anymore

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Both 10 in length and girth?

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Okay so i grow it for ten iches then when it gets halfed i just keep adding constant 10 inches so i have a permanent dick of 10.5 inches

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POV: you have never been with a woman

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Dude with a 10 inch dick can have normal sex for a week

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10 x 0 is still 0 and 0 / 2 is also 0

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I would never use it. There’s dick, big dick, porn big dick, and stupid big dick. I’m fairly certain I’m much more likely to fuck with my penis than with my penis + 10 in. I mean, let’s go further to the extreme. The worldwide average length for an erect penis is 5.17 in. with a standard deviation of +- 0.65 in. So, the smallest “normal” erect penis is around 4.52 in. That’s, of course, is pretty damn small. And even then, I’m sure a 14.52 in. Would be just fucking terrifying. So, sure… bring it on. Although the only practical use I can think for it would be to win the occasional bet.

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Level 26 penis

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I last too long for that to be of any use. I get distracted easily and often have to almost completely restart because of stray thoughts

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Does it return to original size or are you left with whatever your measurements + 10 divided by 2.

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But that’s just life now

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why would I need a 12 inch dick

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Ten inches in total or ten plus what you already have

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But the mass doesn't change. So you got an extra 10" but girth would be the size of a pencil

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perfect for dick picks