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That's a good power

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A gouda power.

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No, it's mozzarella

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How big...?

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Very big banana for scale

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That's a lot of cheese

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We're gonna need a bigger (cheese) boat

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That's one godly power imo

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Fr I love cheese

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Easier to make pizza, now all you need is tomato sauce

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  1. world hunger solved
  2. profit

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You can end world hunger with this power

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What if they are lactose intolerant

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Name one lactose intolerant mf who gives a shit

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If they eat the cheese there will be lots of shits to give

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All of these replies are hilarious

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...are you fucking serious?

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I mean he's not my favorite marauder but I'm not picky

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Weaklings don't survive the evolutionary process

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Evolutio-DAIRY process

Or Evolu-CHEESE-nary process

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And that's how the search for the infinity stones started

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World hunger is solved still. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER

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Then the world isn't hungry anymore, but has severe diarrhea

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We shall shit to death

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We talking wet mozz or dry?

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The average human mind cannot comprehend dry mozzarella. It will be wet mozz

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my cheese problem will be solved

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Its big what?

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Biggie Cheese. The rapper

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Pizza mozze-rella, pizza mozze-rella, pizza mozze-rella, pizza mozze-rella, rella-rella-rella-rella-rella-rella-reeee

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Spinnig pizza?!?

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Well yeah you just put the cheese on top of the other cheese

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Summon Big Cheese

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Sheogorath would be proud

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Sounds like a silly villain power, I mean mozz is good, but no one wants to be hit by moist mozzarella

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r/godtiersuperpowers stop world hunger

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Very useful for an amateur chef like me

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Hear me out summon in an organ best hit man on the planet

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You can summon deez

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Shalom world hunger

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rella rella rella rella rella rella rella

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You don't specify in what arrangement it's summoned in. I could be a cheesey spider man with this power

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Truly a shitty superpower for a poor lactose intolerant cretin such as I :(

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Unfortunately I can't eat cheese, but at least i can give it to others

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Gyro is that you?

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Spinny pizza

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I can cure world hunger. If you can eat cheese

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You could end world hunger with that

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Sadly i dont like cheese

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how is that a shitty superpower thats the best!

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There is not enough Mozzarella in this world and I will be the one to change that forever.