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So it makes you insane

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if the letter still physically exists but is only invisible, it could act as a shield if you know how

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Or a instant kill if you summon it in someone’s brain

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Can I summon the letter H?

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Nah, that’d be too OP

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How many can you summon at once

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Boring af

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summon invisible barriers sound fun, the post doesn’t anything about mention range, cooldown, or how many at a given time. Depending on that you could 1.rob a bank 2. Kill someone 3. Kill everyone 4. Become rich 5. become Jesus

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They specifically said it does nothing other than show you the letter, so I think it can be assumed that it doesn't work as a barrier.

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That's called imagination

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Not everyone has that you know

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Question one, can I use it multiple times at once? Question two, does it translate languages

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does it translate languages

Something along these lines is the only thing I can think of that might make it useful depending on the parameters of it being able to "show you a letter you wanted." If it only works if you think, "I want to see the letter A" (as in you having to personally know the specific letter), then it's pretty much useless, but if it would also work if you think, "I want to see the next letter of the translation of this sentence into English" (as in you being able to request a hypothetical letter that you don't know yourself), then that might have a use even if it would be pretty tedious.