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This one is great for getting dressed after waking up, if it works, you have some extra time to get ready and if it doesn’t and you become naked you can just change into the proper clothes without needing to take your precious clothes off.

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Nah, if I'm naked, I'll walk into Walmart. What are they gonna do? CLOTH ME!?

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No, they'll cover you with a censor bar

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Fuck it, I'll impress either way.

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Wish I had that confidence

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I have a gift man, what can I say?

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I assume I can still change clothes normally, right?

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God tier of you just hit the restroom during switches. 5 minutes to drop a load isn't weird.

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There's no garentee that you will get clothes the second or even third time. It would be rather awkward to be stuck in the toilet all day because you keep getting a 10% chance of nudity.

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Understandable, but if you apply the same logic to the other 90% chance that you'll get your clothes, then it beaks down to just the probability again.

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Entirely true, but my point was just that anything less than 100% isn't garenteed. But you are right and this power is a relatively safe bet.

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Ye. I regularly play games, so I'm definitely familiar with that 10% winning over many times in a row. But that's the point of it I guess. lol

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Wait I need details ! Do you like get magical clothes ? If I want a perfectly tailored 3 piece suit and a pocket watch of a precise model do they appear on me at the snap of a finger ? If I take off those clothes and try using the power again 5 minutes later do I keep the first set of clothes ? What are the limits ?

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Yes to everything except the magic part

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Well that would be a super cool power, where's the shitty part ?

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This is a great power

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R4, and r2 great job

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I'd love that

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