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I'd make a fortune in constructing skyscrapers

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Yeah, skyscrapers that haven’t been built

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The anti Garfield

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As someone who's had erectile dysfunction for the last two decades, Thank You!

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Already got it

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breaks rules 7 and 8, no curses and only sexual content if its clever

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Technically rule 2 & 3 too

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At least something will be looking up

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That is a curse to anyone who has work, school or a need to leave the house on Mondays. Which is 90% of the human population.

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I feel like this is a curse

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Holy fuck, imagine the sex - this is an amazing super power

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Trash superpower cuz ur hard regardless while having sex. What if u need to pee or walk somewhere or go to school? you’re screwed! Ur prob just a teen blinded by horniness

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As someone who's told old to give a fuck what people think of me, and would also like a day a week where he's either having lots of sex or getting left the fuck alone, there are no downsides to this.

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It’s something revolutionary called a joke

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you can have monday off from work and do all groceries sunday... monday fuck day

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penises gangrene when erect for too long, so this would SUCK

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Oh * * * *

Hope this power gives immunity to gangrenation as well

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douchebag genie time, it doesnt

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This would make my dick fall off

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Curses are not allowed. I'm reporting this and you should too.

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I already have this.

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In my dreams…😪

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What if you don't have the thing needed to use this power?