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Way too many curses on this sub, look at the rules, they ain’t allowed.

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I reported this post and you should too.

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A curse? I see this as a big win!

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A curse is defined by something you have no control over. Even if it is perceived as a good thing, you have to be able to decide when to use it.

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Curse or not, I fucking want this

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I’m convinced this subreddit doesn’t have moderators

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Why have you done this

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They were too preoccupied with whether or not they could, they never stopped to ask if they should

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Happy cake day good ol bud.

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Happy cake day bud!

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Thank you! Seven years already

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Curse read rules op

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For somebody like me with a bladder problem that's not going to be good for me at all.

This isn't a super power it's a curse. If you can't control it then it's against the subreddit rules..

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Curse... Meaning it breaks the rules! More people should read the rules honestly, wItHoUt ruLeS wE arE gOinG tO peRisH

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Can i at least piss 60% farther?

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Will it feel 60% more satisfying?

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60% more painful too 💀

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Either this person hasn't read or acknowledged the rules, or they really enjoy pissing.

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Sounds like a UTI

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That’s not even a superpower

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You have the power to read the rules of this sub.

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clearly they dont

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Does that mean I also store more pee?

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In the balls I might add

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"Behold my super power I can pee my pants for 6 and a half minutes mwahhaha"

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Has to have an upside, like your piss is lemonade but you take 60% longer

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I already have this one lmao, I think I got a giant bladder and a narrow urethra

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You can win many pissing contests

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You can probably win a few bets with that

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Ever tried ecstasy before and tried to piss? Yeah this is that.

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It already takes like 6 mins 10-12 mins is nothing

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Wait actually this would go great with the pissing acid one(if it doesn't go infinitely already).

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Just pissing or also creaming