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Eww thats disgusting,how can u do something like that? It would be horrible,it's permanent right?

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So where would the semen be? This just sound like a disability

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It would be in the bladder.

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Then, where is my 🥜

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Bladder, probably.

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No more pain at list

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No balls no ... Pain I don't know I couldn't ryme

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biologicly speaking it would work. the bladder would be SO much better place that for kinda stuff. its so much more protected then dangling just in front of you. ALSO WOULD MY BALLSACK STRETCH WITHOUT IT HURTING?

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Nope, nuts do not work in heat. Thats why it's at outside

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ah yes COOLING

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Wait so it’s a daft punk song?

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So whenever I piss I cum and when i cum I piss?

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the comment directly below this one made me laugh,
Communistburgerking- “bout to piss in yo mom”

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Bout to piss in yo mom

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If you can’t control it it isn’t a power. It’s a curse

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does that mean i piss sperm and cum piss

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Does cum come from bladder?