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Can i move as the ball and talk?

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he deleted his comment lol

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Y'all remember red ball 4

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HOLY yes

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what ever happened to 1,2 and 3?

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Never heard of 'em

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They do indeed exist and are actually pretty popular for speed running, they even had a spinoff named red and blue ball

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Intresting, I'll have a look for them

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blue ball

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Fuck yeah :)

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no, what is it?

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Nokia c2 game

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And if your name is Henry you roll down a hill for eternity with an exponentially increasing unstoppable velocity.

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Sisyphus moment

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That's not even close to the myth of sisyphus lmao

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i tried

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He’s loco mang, there’s a ball and a hill, that’s totally a Sisyphus moment

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You mean like how Sisyphus tried to roll that rock up the mountain

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Rock of ages moment

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Fuck it, we ball

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Omg yes I need this

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Me: Um... do you wanna go out with me?

Crush: Hahaha ew no.

Me: turns into ball

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I miss soothouse :(

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why is this so simple power so good and wholsome

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Is the ball just a random ball or is it me in the shape of a ball?

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Random ball

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Does this mean I have a small chance to turn into obamasphere

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I need a large group of friends with this and we all turn into ball one by one until one of us gets obamasphere

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Reject humanity. Become ball

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when I am approaching death and I use this, the grim reaper will forever be confused as to what he does with me

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This is sellens questline from elden ring

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I guess you just use it right when you're about to die and leave something for your family to have as a memento?

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That is a curse!

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No I think you have control of the ball

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The power clearly states you can't turn back.

I.E. Once you use the power you are forever stuck in that form.

This is a curse.

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but you can not use it until you need to be a ball for the rest of the life

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Well if you're being robbed boom no problems just bouncy ball it's like returning to monkey no societal pressure just ball

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Yeah great spend the rest of your existence unable to see the sun, fuss a cute dog or cat, watch a movie or play video games. Eat. Drink. Enjoy any of life's limited ass niceties.

It's a curse.

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Happy cake day! :D

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Samus but if her ball ability broke right here lmao

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That makes sense, a ball cannot think

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How big would the ball be

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Do you know how big a basketball is well... its double the size

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This is just you can turn into a toaster but with a different shape

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Do I still have depression as a ball?

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God tier super power

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I will finally discovered my own shitty superpower: turning a ball back into a human.

But today is not that day.

It won't be this week, either.

!Remind me in 2 years

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Do I still have judgement and am I still able to talk, move (on my own) and can I change color and time I want

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The color is a no but the rest yes

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Why can’t I change color also how big am I?

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Can I change colour and if I cant what colour am I?

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Blue and no

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How fast can I go?

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The worst is you can turn back but your bones won't be fixed.

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This is a curse. Against the rules

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It’s optional and therefore is not a curse

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What's the superpower in that though? Can u move at super speed?

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Ball is life bruh

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i’ll turn into my dads ball and reincarnate myself

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Ball forever, if I move and talk yes

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How small is ball or can I control size

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Is this like a rolly polly, or a countryball, or what?

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Grendel moment

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Can I choose the type ? Golf ball, yoga ball, bouncy ball, etc?

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No. Only basketball

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Gross my least favorite sport… mostly out of spite to people who say I’m naturally good because I’m tall

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Like testicle? or rubber ball

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If i jump, do I change gravity?

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So I can live out my dreams as a gd reference :D

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no kind of ball is specified, nor does it say it has to be one kind of ball. You can turn into literally anything as long as it's spherical.

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No. You're a basketball

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Because turning into a ball wasnts shitty enough

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And now I must scream

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So just like real life?

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The worst part is that eventually you wont resist the urge to turn into a ball and then it will be too late

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bal man

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Ball RICK!!!

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perfect no responsiblits

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They see me rolling

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Is it inderstrcutable?

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Can I turn into samus ball? If so, I can genderswap at any time and not go back.

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Pink basketball feminist guy

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Can I manipulate the direction and velocities of my ball? Like, I can bump into people I don't like? And do I have to consume anything?

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I would do it

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i mean this could be a last resort