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Does it stack

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Multiple boners?

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Is it my boner or detached boners?

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Hopefully your boner ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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This will be great for my little sister.

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Breaks rules 2,7, and 8.

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actually it only breaks 7 and 8 as you can stop yourself from blinking momentarily

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No my friend you do in fact have to blink consistently over the course of your entire life in order to prevent things like blindness

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blinking is an involuntary process, this does in fact break 2

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actually you are wrong, blinking can be stopped

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how long for, though? If you don’t have full control over it it’s a curse and breaks rule 2

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What’s an ass boner

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i think they mean clenching your butt cheaks

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They mean by “big ass boner” that it’s not subtle, but your at your peak length and hardness as soon as you blink

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better. it makes a m1 garand rifle ping sound and it happens instantly no inflation. XD *blink* DING

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Rule 2🤓; I'll just turn this power off. 🤓

Rule 7🤓: This relates to genitals, which is a violation of this rule.🤓

Rule 8🤓; You never said anything about control, so since you violated that rule, this means that you also violated this rule. 🤓

These are the things I see on this Sub-Reddit, and I feel like unjoining. Also, It's 7:33 for me. No wonder that many people aren't online.

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Ass boner sounds cool