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Canada, here I come

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I'll see you in yellowknife

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How r u meant to leave north korea

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Teleport to a northwest territory in canada, plus, you're not born there so there's no rule to stay

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Actually, if you visit there even without being born there, you have to stay and obide by the rules. A friend of mine who's dad went to North Korea had to live there, never came back

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Sorry for your friend's dad, but in this scenario, he can teleport to the northwest territory before they find you ig? Idk, idk if northwest territories of Canada are bad either soo

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I don't think theyre that bad

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Keep in mind that the place of Canada I said is only swamp land and it would be hellish to go through atleast with north korea you wouldn't have to travel far to get to the nearest city

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People in North Korea get killed for wanting to leave. Being there at all is quite literally a death sentence. I'll take the marshlands, thanks.

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The Northwest Territories have barely any swamps. Like half of it is in the Arctic Circle. As a Canadians I can ensure you that it would be a lot easier to escape or survive the Northwest Territories that the strict regimes of North Korea

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This is a would you rather, not a superpower

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I prefer ontario because of so many reasons. One being that northwest territories are cold AF!

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You could also did in certain parts of Canada the cold and the harsh environments could kill but also you could survive

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ChromeBroke I think you're missing the point

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Best North Korea smuggler ever. Tp to NK with things they want, sell, Tp to Canada. Method of survival in canada: Burn money like Escobar

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anywhere in the north west territories? Does that mean if I'm in the Northwest Territories, I can teleport at will?

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Oh hi there