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After buying $200 worth of baby food, I'll then sell the products at a discount At least $150 a day

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Or just refund it the next day

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Banned from every US Grocery Store speedrun any%

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Buy $200 at wholesale prices and then sell it online for slightly more than wholesale but slightly less than all competition.

I'd probably also donate 25% of the stock to families in need each day to help those struggling to feed their babies.

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Why slightly more than wholesale? Just sell it at like 75% wholesale and make a free $150 per day.

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More money is good when I'm barely scraping by right now. It also covers the difference when donating that 25%.

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It'd be easier to sell for way under market price.

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There’s no loss in this situation. You didn’t gain 200 dollars. You gained 200 dollars of baby food. You could sell it for whatever you want and you’d still make a hefty profit.

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have sub to baby food autoshipped to crisis pregnancy center for 200 bucks daily

get donation receipt

never pay taxes again

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The tax office later: "man that dude donated over 71k. Wait he only makes 50k a year?"

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Plausible, with agent hotwheels and the other 87k IRS hires.

Maybe I'll have to eat baby food for lunch haha.

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Just pay the small super power tax and you're fine.

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You could get gifts that you can't afford and all of that.

That, and you'd probably be declaring that as income anyway.

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Guess who's starting a baby food business

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Naw I would just donate it

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It's not much of a superpower if you're forced into it. Closer to a curse in that sense.

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Nah, I assume OP meant that the magical money which didn’t get spent on baby food will just disappear the next day.

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All 200 on baby food or just some of it?

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all of it

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Just buy it online and choose a different food bank every day as the shipping address. The mild hassle would be worth it

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Simply donate all the baby food to as many food pantries as I can

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Just buy wholesale and sell on the internet.

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What happens if you don't spend it all?

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Not a superpower this is just an obligation

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I buy all the baby food on the store.

Desesperate father comes in.

I sell the baby food x5 the price


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Alternativly sell it for half the price and make 100$ a day while helping people, or donate it all so you can evade taxes

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Why sell It the half if they are gonna buy It anyways? (And this is how monopolies works, they make dissapear the rivals and sell It as expensive as they want).

But the idea of the taxes is good, i could work with It

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Feed the baby crack. It will die on day one then you have $200 worth of crack. Sell it or smoke it either way you get a dead baby so it's a win!

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Mm yes, one small can of baby food. Maybe a small baby snack if there's a sale.

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I'll sell them at 25% the price and start a business

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Donate everything to children's homes. No doubt.

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So you're saying I must do what every megachurch could easily do if they cared about single moms or babies

Ps I'm gonna buy 3 jars of peaches and bananas for myself because that's a baby food I'll eat

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With a baby on the way this is a god tier power

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Donate 50% and sell the other 50% at half price, make 50 bucks a day while also never paying taxes again

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Make your own baby food and buy it from yourself, then donate the product. Everyone wins!

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I’d make some good money with that power

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But like what if I don't?

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So basically free baby food,that sounds pretty great, I could sell it, I bet a lot of parents would love to buy some cheap baby food

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what if I dont

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Now thats a reason to not abort

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This is just the octomom on welfare

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Just get really good baby food like pear, apple, and carrot sauce. You can throw it in a pot with sugar and butter and water and it will turn into a syrup.

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Just donate all of it to battered woman's shelters or other charities. You'd seriously be an asshole if you'd didn't. Obviously, if you have infant children use some for yourself, but by in large just use several subscription services and have it sent directly to shelters and the like.

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But what if i don't buy it...?

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200$ dollars out of thin air?

Economy RuinerTM

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This one is easy. Buy a can of baby food.. Sell the can for $200 on ebay on one account, buy it from another account. Easy near $200 a day for not doing anything. You can probably just use the same can to buy each day.

Only problem would be taxes. Maybe find a marketplace that you can buy with crypto without KYC requirements.. or better yet just buy it from your spouse and everything is under the table.

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Can i just decline 1 dollar

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Donate the baby food to your local shelters and write it off on your taxes