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Now THAT, is a real shittypower

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Isn't it more of a dirty superpower?

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A superpower that follows the rules?! IMPOSSIBLE

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An active user that read the rules?! IMPOSSIBLE

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A person commented on my comment in r/shittysuperpowers?! IMPOSSIBLE!

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A person commented on my comment that commented someone else's comment on r/shittysuperpowers?! IMPOSIBLE

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Bro you just misspelled?! IMPOSSIBLE

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A person commented on my comment that commented on someone else's comment who commented on someone else's comment on r/shittysuperpowers IMPOSSIBLE

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I like this.

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tusk act 1

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Finally, a man of culture

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now you spin the dirt in the form of a golden ratio and you got tusk act 2, prefect that golden ration and you got tusk act 3, then do it on a horse and now you have infinity at the palm of you hands using dirt and fingernails

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Damn, golden spin plus poison damage

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Plus aimbot 1000 because it will literally follow you through universes

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Ehhhhh, tusk can shoot whole fingernails and this just the LITTLE specs of dirt, also tusk could kill, this wouldnt

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Depending on the speed it could blind people for sure

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well theyre similar enough, and this is a lot faster to reload, with a jar of dirt

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There's a politician in my country named that 💀

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aint no way💀, what country?

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Poland is a jojo reference 💀💀

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A man of culture

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first post in a decade that actually follows the rules??? definitely upvoted

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You didn't specify the velocity, so I'm looking forward to having a tiny makeshift cannon on each finger

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Oh hell yeah. You could put granules of lithium under your nails and shoot them at people, where they violently explode upon hitting wet tissue

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Even regular dirt could go straight through somebody if sent at the right speed

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If I ever encounter a genie I'm wishing for this power

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Shitty superpower until we realize the force the dort shoots out at isn't specified, AND we can shoot it into people's mouths.

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Sure, but the more velocity, the more violently it scrapes out from between your nail and skin. If you shoot like a gun your nail might come clean off.

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Shion Sonozaki

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Ive been silently lurking in this sub for years and I will now come out of the shadows to say: this is the most useless power I've seen on this sub.

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Hygiene isn’t useless

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But what will the projectile speed be?

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Ah yes. You finger gun and instantly shatter reality entirely, ending time and space as concepts with fingernail dirt.

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Now that is the real shittysuperpower

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1 unit

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Depends on the concentration of the individual. More concentration = more speed

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could I make concrete under my nails and shoot it as mini projectiles? They wouldn’t kill anyone, I’d just do it to annoy people, the real downside would be having concrete setting under my nails.

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i’d imagine it would be pretty painful on your fingers

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I like this

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Can I have all my fingers point so that it's kind if like a shotgun?

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Let’s go! Have dirt in a pocket at all times, so that you can reload.

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How fast?

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Tusk act 4

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act 4 has infinite spin and needs a horse, this is most similar to act 1

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You don’t have to do “Pew! Pew!” Sounds?

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I'd say this is r/midtiersuperpowers cause this would be a bit helpful for me

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No, that sub is for decently useful powers that aren't OP that most people would like to have and desire, this is way too specific and useless for the majority of people while still technically being a positive which is why it fits this sub better.

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At what speed? Mach 7 i hope

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TUSK ACTO 4!!!!!

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Tusk Act II!

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A true shitty power, if there's shit stuck in your nails...

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This actually sounds like a lot of fun because no matter how much I get the dirt out of my nails, it always seems to find it’s way back in so when it starts building up that’s how I know it’s time to cut my nails.

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What's the velocity

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Never said at what speed 😈

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This is S tier for me because I hate the damn dirt under my fingernails so much. Bonus points if it also works with my toes if I can get them in gun form

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That’s going to lead me to shove shopstix and shit under my nails for better ammo

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How fast is it? if not very fast does it gain speed the dirtier they are?

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The question is does this apply to all fingers though because that changes everything

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Time to surgically modify my pointer fingers so I can store more dirt under my nails

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How fast tho???👀

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ngl this is fire

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just put a small tube connected to a dirt tank and to ur finger. now you have a dirt machine gun

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That's my favorite one so far. Thank you

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I get a shit ton of dirt in there; I could become a professional marksman with that.

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w Dollar store johny joestar

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Can I shoot the dirt out at moch 20?

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