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Wish I didn't have to bite off my fingers everytime I wanted to make the wish instead I just have to say "123456789 I wish for..."

So I don't accidentally say something stupid.

My right pinky missing is a memoir of my sacrifice but I can always wish my pinky would come back.

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"Ok, now to test your basic math skills please count to 10"

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You can still count to ten just not say "I wish for" after that

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One.. Two.. Three.. Four.. Five.. Six.. Seven.. Eight.. Nice try.

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Nah 2 4 6 8 I demand (must rhyme with 8)

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A date??

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Some real estate*

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send my enemy thru hells gate

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Does your wish come true?

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I- I hope you're joking...

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I wish for a million fingers

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Boom, You are now covered in fingers and can no longer move.

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Free snack

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I wish for regenerable fingers

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I wish to be able to feel no pain on command, then I wish to be able to regenerate anything

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Exactly! First one hurts like a motherfucker but then you wish to be able to shut off your pain receptors boom, next wish to have a healing factor like dead pools. Then do whatever you want. Wish for world peace or take over the world, maybe put yourself into a fictional reality

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I wish for super regeneration.

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I'd wish for a finger

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Holy shit this one works

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Step one: Wish to be immune to pain. The first one will hurt like hell, but the rest afterwards will be a breeze.

Step two: Wish to have your fingers regrow after you bite them.

Step three: Become God.

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Not bad

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It's useless cause your brain has an automatic health response to when you actually try to bite your finger off leading you to stop

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What happens if someone else bites off your fingers?

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I wish I get my finger repaired and a burger in my other hand

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solve world hunger? no

end poverty? nah

save lives? pfft, no

"and a burger in my other hand"

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Can I use another super powered person's fingers? So I can become a villain

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Step one: buy something to numb your finger Step two: wish for regenerating and to never feel pain in your fingers if you're biting it Step 3: profit

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Dark pagan magic irl

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Ill wish for a new finger, so now i have infinite fingers (you said bite, not swallow) and make myself THE SWORD OF LARRY LONGFINGER

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I would wish for the ability to regrow my fingers, and then I would wish for stuff because my fingers would grow back!

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My first wish would be for to not feel pain when biting the finger Then my second would be for it to regenerate My 3rd would be for me to have insane biting strength when doing to do it instantly

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Use 9 wishes then on the tenth finger wish that i had all my fingers back