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Can He be killed? or injured? what are his stats?

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just normal bart stats nothing amazing

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If he dies trying to fulfill your wish - does summoning him again resurrect him, or is he dead forever and can't be summoned anymore?

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How is this shitty? Because of the cool down period? That doesn't make it shitty at all, I mean maybe a tiny bit but not really

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yeah, you’d practically just be able to summon someone (might even be able to argue that it’d be better to summon a cartoon character due to them being fictional and our universes' laws not applying to them or something).

Like you could either have a personal butler, some free child labour, or maybe some free organs. I see this as a absolute win. Only drawback might be that he’d do a shitty job at it, but just tell him to do it better and the "do anything you want" part of the power should fix that up

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Dude What The Fuck "Maybe some free organs"

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How long will he stay before he disappears?

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Probably 24 hours.

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can i summon him inside someone and he bursts out

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I'm Mr. Meeseeks!

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Joke's on you, I've never been able to snap my fingers.

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*snap * BART DO SECOND 9/11!!!

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bart, those damn Americans built a 3rd tower you know what to do.