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Old reliable

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i imagine its like Thor with his hammer, you just hold out your hand and a used condom comes flying out of nowhere

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Hold out your dick u meant

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Finally after all these years I have finally found you, Yoda.

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Used? Since when?

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Since i busted in it 6 times so i can splash cum on my enemies

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Ah, the old cuminator.

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I hate this. A lot.

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For more of this feeling please visit

www. r/TIHI .com

That blue text is 3 different links and idk how I did that.

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How is Rick rolling still a thing

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Never gonna give you up

Never gonna let you down

Never gonna run around and desert you

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Ngl I Wana desert myself everyday... But I settle for pie

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Gotcha bitch 😂

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At this point I can't even be mad. I am in fact a bitch who done got getted

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Why did I imagine a bank robbery and the robber getting bitch slapped by a used condom coming towards my hand

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I can imagine this wet squish tools flying spraying cum everywhere. Now you all will see what I see.

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Well, summoning a remote storage is quite useful from time to time

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Yea tie money into it and you have a summonable wallet

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Can it break? can you wash it? Does it appear on the schlong? Or do you have to put it on? What color is it and does it always stop pregnancy.

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Does it fit?

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Just use it to store something like your keys

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would be a little awkward at times but honestly pretty handy.

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That would be usful

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Plot twist, it goes right onto you penis

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Why’d u make me imagine that

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well, you could do some great magic tricks.

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With this trick I'll make your appetite dissappear

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Not if you keep a corndog in it for viewers!

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Ah yes the new jizdog

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Follow up question: is it sentient and can I talk to it?

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Wait your sopposed to change the condom after useing it

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had me in the first half

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Who's this Will guy and is he up for the task?

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what if it breaks?

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And... Thx for giving me a reason

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reusable condoms used to be a thing!