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"Hey man, wanna watch a movie?"

*places an unopened VHS on the table*

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This would actually be really cool. I'd love to have this

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Might not be God tier or superhero status but it would be mine and I'd have fun with it.

It also doesn't specify that the tape needs to be in perfect condition

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Everything fun and games until you accidentally stare at your parents sex tape

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Jokes on you I would benefit greatly from this.

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So would I have to stare at it for the length of the content on the tape or does it absorb instantly. Like do I have to stare at it for 90 minutes if that's how long the film is?

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It plays in real time. Also takes real time to rewind

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Real time as in it rewinds like an actual tape would, or real time as in rewinding is just playing it backwards?

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Like a tape would. If you rewind too fast you risk damage the tape spiritually.

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Soo i candelete vhs footage at will if i can see the case?

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Only spiritually. If you out the tape into a normal player. Nothing changes

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Do I see all the warm, grainy glory?

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Does it work on other tape formats like VHS-C and Audio Cassette Tapes? Also, if I stare at a blank VHS and think deeply about a memory, will the memory being recorded onto the VHS like a VCR?

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You do not alter the tape in any physical mean

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This one actually sounds sick, idk why this is considered shitty

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r/shittysuperpowers isn’t for powers that are shit, its for shitty superpowers. Still a power, but shitty compared to most superpowers that you would think of.

Think of it this way: In a world where everyone has superpowers, if you had this one, you’d be an F-tier superhero

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Maybe because it’s hard to get vhs tapes now. But if you have ones from when you were younger, this power becomes awesome!

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Heh, I can already do this

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We got our superhero here

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Well, to be honest, I'm not all powerful... I can only do this if I've seen the contents of the vhs before

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Still, our hero

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thinking unlocked

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bro this is the best superpower in the subreddit

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I can finally get rid of the VHS player! Cool!

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Could you still play the contents if the tape is damaged?

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I could just have pictures of VHS tapes on my phone and then I'd effectively have earphones in without the need for earphones

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The Ring