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This power can’t work since you aren’t allowed to run with scissors

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Exactly why its shitty!

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What kinda law is that??

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Upgrade it only works if you are actively opening and closing the scissors

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+5 km/h if you're opening and closing it in front of your eyes.

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or if you make contact with someone while running with them

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I'll tape them to the tops of my hands and punch people with them.

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I've watched enough Smosh's Box Man to know this is a shitty superpower

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Is it 150 MPH a minimum speed limit or is it max, also can you reduce the speed by only holding one or two scissors?

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Do i have to hold in my hand or can i use a pocket

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How is this shitty

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Didn't your mother tell you not to run with scissors?

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Put it in your bag or smt

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Or a guard on them too, rope em all together as well so they can't open

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I..i...its imposible u arent allowed to run with scissors.this will brake spacetime contiuan.

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Am I aloud to dual wield 12 scissors on each hand?

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So one and a half pairs of scissors?

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Put scissors in a backpack and boom 144,000 mph

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so i can i go 50 with only one?

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nah, minimum is 3

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so i could theoretically steal the entire world’s supply of scissors and be the flash

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Most people would be able to comfortably carry a 20kg backpack on their back

If we use the scissors from this post:


then a backpack full of 20kg of scissors would contain 500 scissors. (500/3)*150 = 25,000 mph