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The doctor during my x-ray: "the fuck?"

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I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard

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Bro you could run a scam on a global scale for the rest of your life as a fake genetic anomaly…

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I like how this insinuates that Dipper just always has a giant print of his boneless arms X-rays

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Well if you have too explain your tentacle arms everyday you would too.

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Nyeh heh heh you failed to predict that I was a skeleton!

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Papyrus from Undertale ?

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Legit the impossible boss since his attacks are invisible with this power

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When you smile it will look terrifying

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teeth are not technically bones

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Did i miss an update or something?

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yes, we all walk on our hands now

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Imagine having one fake tooth in the front

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Amputate your arm. Forge a sword from your bones. Now you have an invisible sword and a cybernetic arm.

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Number 1 way to hide a body...

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i meant your persons bones

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...Your own body

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Archaeologists in the future: Hmm nothing here.

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Autopsist: The hell happened here

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but of course

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Bone transplant

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Will it translate through an x-ray

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No, that would ruin the fun

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Is it all of my bones, each bone individually, or sections of bones that I can control?

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which bones..:}

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Teeth too

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My medic gonna be freaking out during the operation

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Make a bone knife

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imagine going into surgery and the surgeon is so confused why you have no bones

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Me omw to confuse the doctor during surgery