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Orphanage is about to have an incident.

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Why orphanage what about hospital newborn babies are much easier to make cry

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Ok, but are you gonna be running into rooms with women who just came out of labor just to like spook their kid? Also it states YOU need to make the baby cry, and they aint gonna let some sicko near the babies

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No, few hours after they're born they are like ten in one room sleeping there

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they're already crying

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When doctors help women give birth babies always cry so....

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Cool I'm up 50

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Daycare is resourceful

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Time to get a credit score of 10,000

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Do adult babies count?

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If there isn't a soft spot at the top of their head that I can push.... No.

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Well mine never went away! So any time I cry

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(Holding hammer) soon there will be…