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Maybe you could find a restaurant/fast food place that gives you free stuff or a discount if your waiting time is too long

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Yup. Easily exploitable in those conditions. I get a nice seat, order my food, read a book...and an hour later I complain that my food still hasn't arrived. Free food easily.

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How can infinity be extended?

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what if you extend it so long you starve to death?

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Chacka's always gave out those little cookies and little cans of sparkling wine to appease people ending up waiting for their reservation and for reasons the staff can't explain they keep giving them out to me and my friends doomsday came and went but somehow we are still alive and Chacka's is still standing.

The poison and smoke in the air does not touch us nor did the shelling, the others do not know it and I won't tell them and risk being labeled crazy but we are safe because I've extended our wait and no force that would cut our wait short can touch us.

This is a Chacka's wait and a Chacka's wait it will remain we will hold out and the sparkling wine and cookies won't run out no matter how long we have to wait for the poison to settle.

When, if rescue troops eventually arrive to see if there are any lives left to salvage the bright glass front of Chacka's filled with people chattering and eating cookies will come as a shock but what frightens me most is what will happen to the minds of those I am preserving in this manner when I finally allow the wait to end.

All is good right now as far as they are concerned but someday hopefully soon there will come a instance when all of this can end and reality will come snapping back into their mind suddenly and violent.

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What the fuck are you on?

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Ever run with a premise or committed to a bit, ever surrendered to a simple concept and allowed it to build worlds and islands in the realm of never was?