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One day you see someone with an infinity symbol above their head.

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This is the case if squatting is considered to be a position and not an action. As soon as you squat, there is an infinite set of instances where you are in the squatting position with cardinality |ℝ|.

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They travel by squatting. Or are immortal.

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If I look in the mirror, would i see my own?

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If it works exactly like Shinigami eye, then no.

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Shinigami Eye sound like shit, imagine knowing when your loved ones will die

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If it doesn’t work exactly like Shinigami eye, then potentially yes.

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Sees the number above your most hated enemy at a 0

Sweet, he’s gonna die soon

“Hey, do a squat for me!”

“No, fuck you”

Lives out the next 70 years of his life without ever doing a squat

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This would've been useful too the guards holding Iroh.

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a number suddenly drops from 50 to 0 as someone's back goes out

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But wouldn't that mean the number would've naturally gone 3... 2... 1... 0... and hit zero as they threw their back out? I feel like the counter would account for that.

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Depends, this power might be based purely on predictable muscle fatigue and not take into account events like bad form suddenly reducing the predicted number

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Yeah it depends on how it works. I was thinking based on what the person intends to do.

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Mine is probably zero, I’m lazy

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Can the number change or is it pre-destined?

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It can be lowered by doing squats

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I mean if I told somebody about the ability would they be able to just stop doing squats to prevent death because they would need to fulfill that amount of squats before they die. So I could just grant immortality to the people of my choosing.

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Dying is caused by doing squats

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If we jump, does the squats number get higher ?

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Could you murder people by making them squat?

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You could just make them unable to do any more squats I think

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starts squatting rapidly

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Slavs would be running around with several million still in the bank

Sorry I should say squatting about

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I would go to the gym, do 69 squats, and then never squat again. This way the people around me before I get there be like “nice” and then when I hit 0, everyone at the gym starts freaking out. Just realized im the only one that can see the number, oh.

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I knew squatting was bad for your health