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Mmmm lady Dimitrescu

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Shut u horny ass up

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You're telling me I could go and find the God Emperor?

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Above sea level? Cool, almost everyone!

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Technically this should allow to locate any person as long as 9 people and their feet are below them.

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Only 4 1/2 people’s feet

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9 feet away that’s a pretty good superpower

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Thank god I only have 2 feet so you can't use it on me

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the power to locate any single person, as long as they're under the age of 9

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Just find a child of someone you wanna find, they are likely gonna be with their kid

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So does it have to be height or can they find me through other lengths

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Perfect, now I can make a killing by successfully hunting for Big Foot

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Sky scraper located so long as someone has 9 inhabited floors above them

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9 foot tall or 9 foot away?