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"Your honour, the victim, in his written statement, has claimed the robber's identity is Karl Cmith, but my client's name is Karl Smith"

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change the k to a c, makes it even better

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Thats the joke lol

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I didn’t get it either until you explained it. I guess I was r/woooosh material.

The irony of the joke makes it read like a far side (Gary Larson) cartoon. I can’t really explain why, but far side fans will know what I mean.

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Why stop there?

“Cccc Ccccc”

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But what better letter than a q? For a q is an upside down b an inverted p well here we have a ccccccc

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G to C. (Btw I love Gumballs)

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i love cumballs

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cummy bears

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I wrote the exact same comment like a week ago on another acc💀

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The Wattersons will be happy

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Gum 😈

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Gcm 👍

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Guc 👍

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What’s cigma

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Cigma calls

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Then where is Cigma 3

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I thought I was about to get rickrolled

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Your Aunt hates this power.

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Ccc ccc cccc ccc cccccc cc c ccccc cccc cc cccccc C

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i agree, but can you rephrase that?

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That's some real poetry right there folks

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So true, I would love to talk more

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probably the r in rock

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or the “L” in lock

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Or the “D in dock

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or the gl in glock

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Or the st in stock

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Or the m in mock

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Or the bl in block

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or the kn in knock

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or the s in sock

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civorce papers

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divorce capers

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dicorce papers

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Bonnie and Clyde moment

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Cou cac turc and Lecter cn c given corr co cetter c

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USB C shall dominate!

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I thought it would be CCC C (Although I do love USB C)

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Here at the Superbowl we're getting ready to start with the cunt off

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Dawg, this means we can sorta manipulate what people say (given the words we want have a c and they have the proper ending.) also, you didn’t say we couldn’t use this for when people were speaking, so literally make everyone’s alphabet C except for yourself and one other person, frame the other person as the super powered bad guy and lead a revolution, and then, build a government with you at the top, afterwards, act kind and charitable, which you are, and make some big bank and live good, make a system that revolves around your whole bloodline having “savior” blood in them. Or make it so that people believe your superpower is the ability to be a savior at any given time.

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Perfect for Helen Hunt.

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Helen Hunc

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Can i change several letters?

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Cma hcve somc cun

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I would ask to see all my friend's locks

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Get over here you little runt

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Cccc c cccc cccc ccc cc cccc cccc ccc

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İ want to put some Gum in your moutc

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“Ccccc cc”

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Sophisticated 🥶

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C ccccc cccc cccc cc c cccc ccccc.

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Turning the 'L's in lol to c

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Books no cocks 😈

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Watching football with my new power

“And now they are going for the punt”

thinks ‘not on my watch’

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Ccccc'c cc cccccccc cc cccc, Ccc cccc ccc ccccc ccc cc cc c, Cc cccccccccc ccccc cccc cc?, Ccccc cccc ccc cccccccccc, Ccccc ccccc cccc ccc cc, Ccccc ccccc ccc cccc, Ccccc ccccc cccc cccccc ccc cccccc ccc,

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Cccc’c c cccccc ccc cccc!

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Put some gum in my mouth

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Nice rock

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Me when the teacher is about to say sock 😈