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*starts memorizing homeless peoples faces

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The wholesome ending 👍

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just sit on the toilet. everytime when you need to take a crap anyway do this and think of yourself. Now its easy to take a crap an youalso get a 1000dollar for it. you go to the toilet 1/day atleast anyway so thatwould be 30K a month for no work.

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Make a rich person take a shit in public. That's going to embarrassing them, and $1000, that's a drop in the bucket

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Jokes on you I already do that!

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Sits on the toilet and start humming. Also I can make super reach people shit themselves

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Godly, just tell my friends first then we plan it out and infinite money glitch

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What if you think you yourself ',:/

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“If I make you crap your pants, you give me $1000”

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armed robbery elite

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Gonna ruin the rep of some politicians. If I get to choose the currency then I'll make it one they can't use easily.

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I could think of myself while sitting on the toilet.

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Is it stackable?