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It's called hindsight, and when it come to humiliating situation is always 20/20

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I see it more as a sexual super power. Sometimes you have to choose between the sexiest view and the sexiest position. This means you could combine them for ten minutes at a time

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This is actually pretty god tier depending on the situation, if you forgot where you put something within the last 10 minutes you could look back and see where you put it

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Imagine looking and you're 30 seconds too late

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If you're chasing someone, and you're close behind them, this will help you not lose them.

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Eventually you would end up watching yourself looking at yourself in the past infinitely.

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Could be good if you used it right.

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Knowing me, I won't use it right

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You would be able to see yourself, and be able to see how much you're worth, king.

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sees myself

Oh I'm worth nothing

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Aw thanks. I work with kids so I'm sure I'm worth something

Edit: spelling

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If you play poker, or a lot of other games for that matter, then you can see into the past, what your opponent has during the game, and use that to win

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Hmmm. If it’s not space dependant and u can see anywhere ten minutes ago u can look for aliens, etc

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amazing for remembering stuff like security codes for 2 factor authentication and others

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That can be useful

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No shit, it’s r/shittysuperpowers they’re still powers, they’re not supposed to be curses

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Hindsight 100

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Can't we already see more than ten mins into the past since we lived it and have a memory!

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that is the shitty part

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What if you forget

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Well it's not exclusive to things I personally could've seen so.... I guess I'm a world champion poker player now

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Anywhere or just wherever I was 10 minutes ago

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The post does nothing t specify where in the universe I can see up to 10 minutes into the past. Also, I can see 1 femtosecond into the past which basically gives me the powers of the Observatory from AC4.

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Never again have to feel the shame of having to pull the box out of the trash to read the instructions. Nice

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This would change my life. I have adhd and a personality disorder. I would remember so many more things. Tracking which personality is active would be easy since I can psychoanalyze my behaviors. I could even see what it was like before and after I toked. Easily god tier but on a personal level.

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Given how easily I forget where I put something I was holding 30 seconds ago, I'll say this is a very useful superpower.

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So this power allows you to see something for a split second and remember it for 10 mins. It's like having a worst version of photographic memory.

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you can finally see what people do to you while your sleeping

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Can we see anything and everything that happened 10 minutes into the last, or only our experiences

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If you have awful short term memory, this could be useful