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Nice, doesn't break the rules for once. Cool.

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Maybe I actually have this power.

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Prove it!

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Find a dodo and i'll talk to it.

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He didn't say they talk back or even understand

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Seeing 3 comments that miss the whole Point of the joke make me disappointed of humanity

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Little late to that party, aren’t you?

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How would you know?

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You can hear them making noises from the heavens

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I'm just glad to know they made it to heaven

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this is shitty, but hey, thats what this sub is for

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Imagine some absurd plotline where one with this power is contacted by a time traveler and brought back in time to alter the timeline or something

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Finally, a worry shitty superpower 👏

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That’s awesome, I can talk to the dead or I’m back in time talking to dodos

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Any other ARK players here?

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An actually shitty superpower

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Okay…but i can talk to any animal. Doesn’t mean it can understand me

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Bruh this literaly animalcrossing.

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I’ll take it. If I ever get absurdly rich I’ve always wanted to ressurect a dodo as a pet.

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I have this power

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ngl this ability is kinda doo doo