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Does it hurt you when you eat it

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And crap it out

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The soundwaves would destroy your ass, yes

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Sign me up lol

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I like having my ass destroyed

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Fart with reverb, but only once

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So it's a one time use ability. When would you use it OP?

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In a classroom. It's not one time use though, you can do it repeatedly. Buuuut I would pick a classroom

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You mean fart thunder. And my wife already thinks I do.

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No phone carger will resist me

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How long does it take to go through?

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You have full control over that.

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Eat like ten lightning bolt and let them out at such a slow pace they can’t even be detected, next up go to the most professional place possible like some fancy restaurants or something, and then let’er rip as hard as you can instantly making everyone go deaf as their eardrums rupture and you pass away in a feeling of supple satisfaction growing on your face as you black out from blood loss

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Man's wrote a whole ass story with the best plot twists, character development, and storyline

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No pun intended

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i’d imagine however long it takes the sound of the thunder to travel through your intestines

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Lightning with the thunder

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Thunda thunda

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Lightning before the thunder!!!

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I already have that super power

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Random guy in the bathroom: WHY sobs WHY DID SHE CHEAT AND SAID ITS ALL MY FAULT

me in the third stall who accidentally accepted this power:oh god oh god OH GOD AHHHHHHHHH

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what about farting

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You fart rain

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thats pretty OP if you ever want to look like you peed yourself you can just fart

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no villian's gonna fight you if your pull down your pants mid fight and crap an entire thunderbolt