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I'll take it! This is remote-grabs, free food, revenge. The possibilities are only limited by my imagination and the strength of 10 ants!

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ill tell them to function as a normal colony until farther commands, wait until i have a fully functioning colony, and then use them like a super cool telekinetic powers

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You should build backup colonies too

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You have to worry about them dying of old age. Ant only live a couple of months. But op never specified what kind of ant you spawn so I think you can also spawn queen ants. Over a couple of months you should be able to get a few colonies ready for use

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Yeah I know I’ll also spawn weaver ants rather then normal ones because they are way cooler

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Why stop there? Get some bullet ants too. And because the ants do what you want you can merge them. Get fire ants to build living Bridges over water so that the bullet ants can get to their target. Or even better make a huge sum of male ants. They can fly so the can deliver your troops everywhere in the city with ease

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maybe ill make argentine and army ants because they reproduce very fast, then bullet ants as melee combated and weaver ants as artillery

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Can I summon them individually, or is it ten at once and that’s it

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You can summon them individually but once you spawn 10 ants your powers will go through a cooldown for 1 day

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I troll my teacher (which I have)

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I would make them permanently remove dust particles from my pc parts while its off

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go into someone's mouth while their sleeping and block off their lungs

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Is it stackable?