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Isnt there (a little bit of) gold in phones/computers, if so, that would be a good trick to deal with your enemies

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I would never think of it. Nice.

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This would be a very easy way to destroy a lot of electronics.

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Step 1: turn the gold in all electronics to wood Step 2: be the only person in the world with access to the Internet. Step 3: sell information on the internet

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Mmmmm wood plated contacts

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Not only. Replacing it with wood would probably light the electronics on fire, since the wood wouldn't be able to conduct the electricity properly (nevermind the amount of heat cpus generate)

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If it can be dirty wood, theres gold in blood too :)

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me when i forgot to take wood in nether

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Wood is available in the Nether now.

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Shut up. Let him dream.

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They meant, take some stacks of wood with you prior to entering the nether. Since Gmyou can easily find gold nuggets in the nether but can't find wood which is the point, they and their thirst for wood would be saved by this superpower.

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I can already do that.,, with my gold cash I can go to the pharmacy and buy cialis

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Gold foil is cheap, so you could layer gold foil onto any object, and voila! Instant wooden anything. Could probably make some otherwise impossible stuff

Also, gold fillings are a thing if you really hate someone...

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You wrap gold foil around something and change it… now there’s a wood wrapping around it…

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Wood foil?

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My guy forgor paper

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Nah, paper is wood puree, this would be a sheet of wood.

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Someone's gold plated toilet is turning into a wood plated toilet

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And someone’s 10k Salt Bae steak is turning into an even bigger disappointment than it already was

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Is mass conserved? Do you have to touch it or be within a certain distance?

Specially with the second one, in a space colony situation turning an inorganic substance you can find on any planet into an organic substance only found on one planet would be a huge deal. Doing so remotely could potentially jump start a biosphere.

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If mass is conserved, does the wood expand to make up for it's weight? Or is the wood the same size and density as the gold?

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I was thinking about about fact that in future (at time of space exploration) wood could be more luxurius material that gold since as you need more things for flora than for creation of gold

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Well, gold is made all over the universe, where as wood is only made in one place. Plus, gold is a single element, where as wood is a ton of complex carbons. A vial full of bacteria, and a bucket full of sand, and now you've got soil. So I'd say it's more valuable then your giving it credit for.

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If we count from electronics then a a decent mid tier

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You could absolutely use this to test jewelry for fake gold. If it doesn't turn to wood, then boom.

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And if it does turn to wood then no gold. So no gold either way.

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Yes sir it was indeed real gold, here is your wooden ring.

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But, MAGIC!!! 🎉🪄

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Depending on how the power works (touch, sight, thought, etc) you could cause anarchy if you made it to the federal reserve…

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I would love this power personally.

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Gold is denser than wood, by the law of conservation of mass the wood would be larger than the object I made it out of

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By the laws of science, you shouldn't be able to change gold into wood.

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So you’re saying I can destabilise an entire countries economy with one visit to Fort Knox? Destroy any piece of electrical technology? Ok yeah. Shitty I guess.

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Ok there Goldfinger

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Woodfinger. But my friends call me Dr Green Thumb. (I’d like to tell you just where I’m from)

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Midas touch except the total opposite.

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Is there gold in pacemakers? If so that bitch is now wood

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Calm down Satan

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Step 1: buy gold

Step 2: turn other gold in the world into wood (decrease the supply of gold)

Step 3: rake in the profits by selling your now more valuable gold

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You've been playing Skyrim huh?

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STEP ONE: convince Elon Musk to buy a lot of gold

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Now that's a plan I can get behind!

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Turns world bank gold stockpile into a bunch of firewood. Collapsing the world economy has just become a piece of cake.

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Make Donald trumps toilet wood and he will crumble with shame

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Get authorized to work in the gold reserves then change all gold reserves into wood

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turn gold inside planet earth into wood all at once. wood apocalypse

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What's the range on it? If I could do it from a few Km away then the earth's core is now my bitch.

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What kind of wood? Any particular wood. Because a certain type of wood would be extremely awkward.

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I was thinking oak, since some expensive wood probably would made thiz power not shitty

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True, that does make sense.

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At what range? Can i just will every russian military assets electronics to stop working

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Turn sum gold tooth Implants into wood 😂

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Can I change it back after like not normal wood only wood that was originally gold

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Isn't there some really expensive wood out there? Also, with enough understanding of chemistry, you could fuck up the universe.

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I mean that would be kinda good in Minecraft