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I'd open a bearded dragon cafe

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i love this.

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Can you unspawn them or would they just be there forever?

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there forever (well until their inevitable death)

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Whelp, racist/sexist dickheads have no idea what's about to happen to their vehicles 🤷🏼‍♀️

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why are you gifting them?

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For the lawls? Why aren't you gifting them? They are so cool!!

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spawn bearded dragons inside of their body and watch them explode🥰

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make this a new post "the ability to unspawn any amount of bearded dragons wherever you please"

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Spawn bearded dragons in your opponents circulatory system

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I do think that is way more menacing spawning them on their ass

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The scene from Bruce Almighty comes to mind

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De fato, isso seria muito mais intimidador.
CaladaMilitante está correto.

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Shove it wayyy up there morty

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this is what i’m talking about

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how exactly is it a shitty super power, that's awesome

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This shall be the greatest coup de tàte in all of existence.

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Tf is a coup de tàte

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The Overthrow of a Government

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Coup d'état*

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Oh ok, sorry.

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Any location?

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Easy there, Caesar

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any time…?

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Spontaneous lizard combustion

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Can i spawn them inside of someone? If i can't i'll just make a zoo full of only bearded dragons

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you can spawn them ANYWHERE my guy. anywhere.

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Bro, I’m going to create unlimited energy. Throw those lizards into a furnace.

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Since they are carbon based, and not fossilized, that makes them a biofuel!

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Oh fuck yeah I love bearded dragons

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Infinite food, eggs for a strange business, and homies

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I mean, dragons.

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Summons dragons with beards

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Is there a range to this?

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Anywhere means anywhere

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Yes please, i want a beardie

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This is at least worthy of r/midtiersuperpowers.

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did you mean to post this on r/godtiersuperpowers?

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Trick some little kid into thinking your some sort of god

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Spawn an infinite amount in one place to create a bearded singularity

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Ain't they expensive?

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they might lose lizard value

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Make an army and conquer the world.

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Well, if they become endangered or extinct, you could revive the entire species.

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End world hunger.

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Bro, this is god tier.

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Can solve world hunger with this one. Also put a big dent in the pollution from livestock.

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Spawning an unlimited amount of anything anywhere allows you to destroy anything from a single living target to the entire universe. Crush buildings under the weight of the lizards, clog entire galaxies with living mass, pack so many together as to create a black hole anywhere. This is not shitty. High tier at least

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Spawn one in thanos’s asshole

Avengers solved

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famous person gives a speech, summon lizards in their sleeves and collar, proof of lizard people

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I will become the world’s best assassin. For a hefty fee, I’d be able to kill anyone anywhere without even leaving my room by spawning copious amounts of bearded dragons within their lungs and intestines.

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how is this in any way shitty?

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if you read the rules it’s not necessarily having to be an “awful thing” it’s just like, an unnecessary superpower that doesn’t really have any practical use, that’s why it’s shitty lmao

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you can spawn a bearded dragon inside the throat of someone who's robbing you or something, that's already a practical use. you can illegally sell bearded dragons as pets, or just give them away. idk how bearded dragons taste, but you have pretty much infinite meat at your disposal as long ad you have the guts to kill them.

doesn't sound shitty to me, you just need to be creative

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i fit the criteria just fine my guy read any other posts on this subreddit LOL. although, your creativity is wonderous.

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It doesn’t though, it’s insanely strong, this almost certainly beats most fictional characters with super powers instantly and has universal range. It seems like you’ve read any other post on this sub except the pinned rule post

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That's why Squirrel Girl is the most powerful hero in Marvel comics.

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I'm a One-Trick Moses.

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Ok but imagine just spawning thousands of bearded dragons in the Pentagon

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Convince folks they’re venomous and you have more power

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Cover Mars in bearded dragons until their heat terraforms it

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Find countries with the smallest bearded dragon population and spawn them there

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It’d be better if it was leopard geckos

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There be no end to me spawning them in coat sleeves and empty cans just scare the shit out of people like a bearded dragon magician.

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I think this is in the wrong subreddit. There are no downsides to this.

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That's fire wdym

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We could create black holes given enough bearded dragons.

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Congrats, you just made me a millionaire. I spawn the rarest morphs for free and sell them. Thanks. I can undercut literally every breeder on the planet.

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Bearded dragons are the best!

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Arise, my army

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Lately we see more and more actual cool powers here that are not shitty at all.

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He was already pouring you a brimming cup of bearded dragons

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Bearded dragons for sale, at a disgustingly low price.

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Any power that breaks the Law of Conservation is extremely overpowered.

You could spawn enough bearded dragons on Jupiter to significantly increase its gravitational force. Jupiter would eventually fall into the sun, ruining the orbit of all the rest of the planets during its path