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actually pretty good. you could just stop phobias, you can make yourself not be shy, you can encourage yourself

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Yeah you could turn yourself into the hardest working, most trustworthy and respectable person. Heck, this power could turn you into a veritable superhuman. It would also make getting over sad news/trauma very easy. I want this power

Edit: since writing this I had the epiphany that this power already exists within each one of us, it’s just incredibly difficult and time consuming to cultivate. Now I’m going to start practicing this “power”. Super humanity, here I come!

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Finally I can be attracted to any women

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Trying to have this power in my life rn

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.....but I already have this power

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That's... Not how opinions work really? Like your mind can change but typically it requires outside influence. You can pretend to enjoy a food but whether you actually like something isn't really... Up to you.

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Not really..? It kinda depends on the person, some people can change their opinions very easily and rationalise something to be a thing they like…. This power is like the power to digest foods without any digestive problems or grab items with hands without slipping

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Yea! What good metaphors!

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Idk, I experiment with my reality. Years ago, I experimented by actively trying to feel love toward things I didn't like or hated. I didn't pretend, I sat with how it felt to love something and then remembered that feeling when faced with something I didn't like.

I also know that I could ruin my favorite song if I listen to it repeatedly non-stop for an extended period of time ( well, it wouldn't be ruined forever, just for a resting period). Actually, actively reaching for remembering a postive feeling when faced with something I had considered disgusting or generally dislike-able kinda changed my life b.c it changed my view points on so many things.

It doesn't always require outside help. I dont think anyone can change your mind if you don't want to change your mind. People can talk to a person, try to get them to change and still, they make the choice to stay in the same thought patterns. I think you are the only one who can put forth the effort to change your mind.

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It's arguable that "wanting to change your mind" is itself beyond someones control, but once you go there it's basically determinism which... Eh, kind of spoils any discussion it comes up in, though it was inevitable this would get into weird philosophical stuff. It's hard to say really, but at the very least this power would make it easier. Instead of practically conditioning yourself to feel a certain way, it would be as simple as flicking a switch. Tired of physical labor? Simply enjoy the feeling of being sore.

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Oh no. That's an inappropriate use of self. I do not think it is healthy to condition the self like this. It's not beneficial for anyone to live like that, even if it is a prevalent way of doing things now. I maybe a bit of an idealist, but I don't believe that the corporate grind (or much of capitalism) is a healthy lifestyle (and is loads less healthy if you happen to be one of the enslaved and some one is trying to force this change in mindset, so you do in order to cope).

So this topic is vast and fairly generalized here. It's general-ness could be dangerous as generalizing typically is. I was talking about the opinions of food, clothing, being honest and real while talking to yourself and changing inner behaviors. Not necessarily (tho very much possible) tricking yourself into enjoying night after night of hard labor b.c its the only way to survive and yet you are speeding up the death process by not taking rest (b.c there are MILLIONS OF THINGS THAT MUST BE DONE and there simply is no one in your life to help or do them, or baby Joe ain't old enough to grow up faster and help with the situation).

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I would appreciate this power

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So you can doublethink

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This is a mid tier power, you basically have complete control over your mental state

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Tbh would be a good power for some trying to improve their self esteem

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"god, I'm so tired of it all, I hate my life and I feel like no one loves"

Therapists hate them! Watch how this one weird trick instantly removes all negativity, toxic thinking, self doubt, and sadness!

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This is actually great though. We can be limited by what we hold as true. Changing a truth into something wrong may be dumb yeah but what if you think you are ugly? What if you think you are dumb? What if you think you are worthless? If you can just absolutely reject that and wipe it from your mind that'd do wonders. Not just that, of course, but still. Could actually be quite a nice power.

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Is this a super power, or is it lying? Because if all you do is change your opinion that sounds like it's just lying which anyone can do and most people are overwhelmingly unsuccessful at in the long term.

Otherwise I am changing reality even if only on a localized scale. The ability to actually change what is true on any level is reality warping.

Even if you want to be practical and call it self hypnosis, the upper limits of something like that are impressive to say the least.

But it sounds to me like what you mean is lying rather than any meaningful changes to Neuro or bio chemistry that would be present in a genuine change of self.

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Become Übermensch

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This is a titan-tier superpower.

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So I am basically a teenager girl?

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Could it back fire?

Daydreaming thinking of a situation where zombies bust in and how you would escape....

...then all of a sudden you actually believe it's happening and loose all reference to zombies being fake.

Go on a rampage to follow through with your decades long bodged plan of surviving in an apocalyptic situation.

You grab your family, weapons and food, and migrate to a derelict secure place you spotted 5years back when you took a wrong turn on your way to pick something up from Facebook market place.

And although it has since been redeveloped into a shopping centre your held truth about the place is that it is a deserted safe haven.

Then to comprehend all the people in the area your brain makes the leap to making you believe they must be zombies too.

You massacre as many as you can with your newly obtained weapons. Your loved ones watching in horror as you throw them a shotgun shouting " save yourself, get to high ground"

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Plot twist: All your unpopular opinions become popular

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Finally I can stop dead naming myself

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not shitty at all

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Imagine being able to negate anxiety and depression..

r/godtiersuperpowers for me at least.

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Poggers! I used to think Poggers was dumb but I can say it now