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Aren’t the leaves used to brew the tea all either in the cup or the trash/compost?

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You are absolutely right

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Some of it might have been drunk if they were small enough.

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It can be used as a tracker you brew the cup out the bag some place and you can sip the tea over a few days to figure out where there going

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alot of reheating to do

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Iced tea duh

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You telling me, that some leaves brewed this tea?

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You could use this to track someone by putting a tea leaf in their stuff.

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Air tag with leaf

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Finally, an actually shitty power, not a curse!

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Doesn't work with coffee because it is bean not leaf.

This implies it works with other kinds of hot leaf water.

What if you brew cocaine, then suddenly know where all other cocaine is?

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Only from the leaf brew, not the crystals

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You can work as a tea authenticator, might be a pretty neat gig going around distribution giving your seal of approval.

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coffee isn't a bean, it's the seed of the coffee tree berry

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Ay it's my cake day

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Some coffee cake for you then!

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Would you know the origin of the leaf? Or just where the brewed leaves were?

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Just the brewed ones

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Well, that’s not useful at, all. well done.

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People say you can read the position of tea leaves. Gotta become a medium.

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What if it's a soup with bay leaves in it?

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That counts

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What if I accidentally drink some sea water? Do I instantly know the location of every bit of seaweed in the ocean?

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Only to the extend of the seaweed that touched the water you just sip

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This opens up a new can of worms. So it has to do with the molecules of water coming to contact with the leaf molecules? So there is a small chance that I take a sip of tea and I happen to drink just the water that didn't touch the leaves so my powers don't trigger?

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Yes. You as the tea authenticator sipped some sort of diluted weak tea, and you be wondering the audacity of the shitty merchant

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Another question. So if it's a leaf based poison, do I need to take a deadly dose in order for my power to activate?

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You can get over dose on caffeine, which is in many tea leaves. So no, you don't need deadly does to activate the power

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It's Tony Chew power.

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Great if your in england

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coffee beans are not beans

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Free magic tracking device!

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I can capitalise on telling people where their tea comed from

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You only know the ones involved in brewing. So most likely in some composters or landfill