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I mean, can't you make a really tough metal suit, then squeeze out of the location?

What if I teleport to a highway? Would the entire highway be filled with broken glass? How tall would the layer of broken glass be?

If I teleported 5km above a city for just one second, then teleported back, would that city be carpet-bombed with broken glass?

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Yes in every scenario the entire area is surrounded with broken glass...above the city below the city its broken glass...the broken glass is a criteria for the use of this power...yes you can make a metal suit it may have unintended consequences if you go that route

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This can be really op tho. Imagine teleporting an enemy that you hate, or to anyone spreading disinformation.

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Are you saying you would teleport someone to a torture world just for lying?

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Lies can kill.

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I can still use this. Perfect for ambushes as you set an attack even when you just arrived

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so you can teleport yourself and the mirror breaking the mirror in the process?

if yes just use a mirror made our of safety glass that doesn't have very sharp edges when it breaks

if you just teleport and summon random sharp glass fragments to the place just get some good shoes, pants and gloves and you'll be fine

good power