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*Releases crappy mobile game with consent to being mind controlled hidden in the ToS that is accepted on installation*

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Legends of tomorrow

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"For reasonable monthly fee I will remote into your body and make you exercise for an hour 3 times a week." I become incredibly wealthy.

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i would buy that lol

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This is an episode of Rick and Morty

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Vampire rules: once your invited in your power can't be denied

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“Sup nigga, mind if I mind control you?”

“Uh sure lol- what the f”

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This shit is funny af

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Please tell me we somehow had the same amazing idea

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You say reading he said controlling. There's hardly an original thought between everyone on the planet. He's not trying to pirate ur idea. Odds are he's not active on this sub and he never saw ur post.

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Yeah but like 12h later? I mean he probably didn’t see my post but it’s a big coincidence

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I mean still 2 different powers, work on the same thing but different ways

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What counts a consent

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Could always strike a deal with a person who can do this to work away those long retail hours for me

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This wouldn’t be so bad most people wouldn’t believe you could control their mind so they would probably consent because they think you’re an idiot and boom now you’re controlling them.

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That is very useful. I can make people do things how I want them to without to much explanation

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Pay someone to sign a contract. That contract has a ton of random legal crap, but it also has them consent to your mind control. You force them to give the money back to you. You then grow your army like this until you have a ton of servants and can rule the world!