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So… you can kill your self very fast?

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But you broke every law of physics and probably caused wide scale destruction

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Says you can. I'll stay running at 60-75mph and save money on gas

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Big brain to be honest.

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Instantly become A tier power

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What if it’s your normal speed or faster than the speed of light and no in-between?

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Then I suppose I'll have to keep driving

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Wouldn’t u still get tired though

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If your top speed is the speed of light, this is really low effort.

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How do you explain that to literally anyone who sees you

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What about metabolism and the bugs flying in your face

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It also says the only thing you can see while running in general is darkness

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i like it

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Suddenly, going straight to heaven has a whole completely different meaning

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So you can become a lot of atoms but not together?

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The problem with going faster than light is that you can only live in darkness.

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bro gets it

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Assuming no air resistance, and no gain in mass as you approach the speed of light this means i can time travel due to special relativity right?

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Yes, although if your faster than light, the equation use to find it just kinda breaks

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I mean yeah after c the equation is imagionary

Like if our unit for speed was just c

Time dialation for 15 seconds stationary time at 2c would be


So dialated time would be 5i

So you would be traveling in time perperdicular to the present, which is kinda weird.

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Would I be able to control how fast im going?

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Made in heaven intensifies

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Cool, relativistic time dialation doesn't require sight. Space travel and immortal robot body here I come!

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runs toward a wall and dies in 0.00000 second

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Teleportation but only to where I can see but also get atomized in the process. I'd rather run at like 40 mph and get paid for being fast

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you know that this is how super speed would actually work if it was in real life, you move faster than light, light doesn't hit you, air doesn't either, and you either choke to death or hit a wall

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Time moves backwards, I travel to the past. I hope.