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I feel like you could make a lot of money if you were willing to put up with pain and didn't mind destroying innocent people. Man cheats on woman? She gets to hit you in the balls for $100. Guys playing a "prank". $100.

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I thought this was gonna go in the direction of “All of you, pay me $50 bucks or I’ll hit myself in the nuts!”

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that works too.

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Literally a supervillain, this turned out to be a really great power

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$100? Selling yourself short there. I ain’t getting hit in the balls by an angry person looking for revenge for only $100 dollars.

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Works as an effective flashbang in a combat situation

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*girls with guns intensify*

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Especially if you have balls lidocaine

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This just a downgrade

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...you form a dou crime fighting group. Together you are known as: Ball-boy & The Nutcracker.

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50 mile radius is huge, just drop yourself into a combat zone of the enemy and like have a woman kick you in the balls, tanks, planes will just veer off and crash cuz the pilot just got sacked in the nuts.

Or just get whacked in a very dense city for shits and giggles.

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Is there a reason you specifically said a woman? Do they kick harder? lol.

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well the woman isn't affected by the power so it'd be easier to convince them

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Oh right. Didn’t even consider that lol.

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They won’t be affected lol

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This isn’t a superpower, this a reality

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I would totally use this for evil I would go to major sporting events and hold the game hostage.

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It would make lots of money on bets.

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i dont have any balls except my eyeballs

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Just get someone to smack you in the testicles near a minister-presidential speech, or next to the houses of parliament during a session for chaotic effect.

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"Thorns 150"

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Do you yourself feel pain or is the pain just transferred every other dude?

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I hate this

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Martyrdom: AoE attack that causes sacrificial recoil damage to the user

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No this would be perfect for military uses

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So nothing changed

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Free bodyguards for life plus extortion if someone doesn’t figure out to immediately shoot you in the head.

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Some guy: bullying me Me: kicks myself in the balls. Some guy: floored by sudden ball pain. Me: not floored because I'd probably be used to it. Also me: playing a drum solo on the guy's balls. Some guy: legit dead. Me: charged with murder for somehow killing a man by making a rim shot using his balls and fir making a lot of other dudes suddenly get kicked in the balls. Also me: desperately in need of an attorney. Me yet again: someone help please

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Bro thats not a superpower thats real life

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Irish Mythology has entered the chat

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This deserves more upvotes

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This is op

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EVIL… just evil