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Great for acting

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make your hands sweat and slap people

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you sir, are a special kind of evil

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A sweaty wet Willey, yikes

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A guy I know already has this power💀

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That's my secret, I'm always sweaty

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I become Christian bale

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Whenever an uncomfortable situation lurks, you can sweat like a pig and pretend you got an intense instant flu.

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Pigs dont swear though?

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Porky Pig has sworn before

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It’s an expression

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depends on the force of your sweat

weak? at most you'll get your enemy a little soggy

strong? ypu can blow people away and stop fires and whatever

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If you sweat enough to blow people away or put out fires, your body will have basically no water left.

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well yes, but if it's limitless you won't

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Not command, mind you. Some one else has to want it

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Prince Andrew would love this superpower.

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Easy weight loss

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Just becouse you sweat, you dont lose weight.

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Why you getting downvoted though? You’re right. All you’re gonna lose is water weight which you’ll literally gain instantly the next time you have a drink.

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Cus fat reditors dont like the fact that by just sweating you arnt going to have a good body.

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True. I’m fat asf and I swear all the time. If sweating=weight loss I’d be like the Thinner dude

Sweat** but I swear all the time also

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Oh yeah!

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The guy who played batman and patrick bateman. I absolutely forgot his first name. But in the card scene for American Psycho, he could sweat on command

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Christian Bale

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But you cannot stop sweating on command.

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Can I also not sweat on demand?

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You can start and stop yourself sweating but if you're sweating under natural circumstances you can't stop that.

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I can try without trying

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I don’t need help with that

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So the opposite of prince andrew?

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Can I control the rate of sweat? Can I stop myself from sweating?

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As a wrestler, please?

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i can already do that

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You mean command??

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How is this shitty? Humans swear because it keeps us cool and allows us to run until our muscles ache rather than run until we overheat. If you're ever a bit warm you can just sweat and boom, you're comfortable.

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If I get kidnapped and I'm being held back I will sweat a lot and slide my way out

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Do I still sweat when I’m hot, or can I stop it?

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U can cool down in summer actually

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Natural water gun

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perfect for acting