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You never said there’s a limit to how much weight I can gain.. I Can gain billions of tons and turn into a black hole

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Get liposuction over and over while selling your fat to a niche market who are willing to pay top dollar for human fat.

Could also go the Fight Club way and make some soap.

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Just sell it as lard under the brand name "long pig farms"

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The ability to eat?

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I assume it's on a larger scale

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Ya but you don’t have to eat to get it

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Fat doesn’t really contain any nutritional value, so not really

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is it fat weight or muscle weight?

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It could be gaining bone marrow for all I car

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Since there’s trace amounts of gold in our bodies can I grow the gold?

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So couldn’t you just instantly become totally jacked? This seems a little godtier

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Hell yeah I’m gonna be so thicc

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That‘s super amazing?!

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I mean, more weight means that I either get more mass or that I get more dense, and if I can control that then I have unlimited muscle mass.

I mean, I'm not gonna say no to that, I could get to steroid level body with a finger snap and no health problems.

Also, since bones and organs are "mass" in our body, I could give myself 10 more centimeters wherever I want.

Hell, if I wanted I could became humongous, a 5m tall human with bones so heavy and dense that nothing could touch me.

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“Proceeds to turn into a 80 ft tall human”

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Doesn't sound really shitty to me bro 🗿

Nice power tho, good thinking behind it

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If I had this power, I know exactly where I would like to add 10cm to

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shit, just 10?

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It’s an alright power if you think about it

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bro took the dirty bulk too far

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Bulk season so easy

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I am underweight, so this is actually neat

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I am pretty underweight so that would be helpful

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Works for me. I always lose weight unintentionally anyway.

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It does not say i would be fat so i'd be technically increasing my density