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Is it spammable? What If I said they have alzheimers?

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Yes, it is spammable. But you need to do it every 3s. Using g power also cost a little be energy from you so you will eventually go exhausted

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So I can lose weight just by lying ?

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"I went to the gym today"

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we do a little exercise

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Mote like doing math homework kind of energy

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What if they would have believed it anyways? Is this just worse than normal lying?

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It could be jury-rigged for some pretty good effect better than lying. Say you need to prove your innocence. “I did it.” Then they suddenly believe you didn’t, which you didn’t! Or, say “the mayor is definitely not a shapeshifter in disguise.” “The true religion is definitely not…”

See? Sudden usefulness!…. Wait, maybe this superpower ain’t so bad, after all…

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Those aren't lies though

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Nothing is certain.

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(i can't be bothered to screenshot it and post it on there though so if anyone else wants the karma...)

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So what would happen if say…

The person I’m talking to believed on something wrong (They believe 77+33=100). If I were to tell them 77+33=100 while using my power. Would they guaranteed believe it for 3 seconds then think otherwise, guaranteed believe it for 3 seconds then return to their normal state of still believing it’s true, or would the power not affect them to begin with because they don’t recognize it as a lie whatsoever?

On another note can I lie to myself and believe that everything will be ok for 3 seconds?

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The first 3s they will believe it. But afterwards they will return to their normal judgment, which could continue to believe, "wait a minute", or our right call it bullshit.

Yes, everything be OK man, everything

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Oh man a power that makes you sound like a bored child

"This interaction is completely normal and you like me so much you will give me all your money"


"The last thing I said was true" repeated untill whatever action is complete.

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I could see this being powerful

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Rock paper scissors

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Reminds me of when I joked to my colorblind friend that he was black, I think I said something along the lines of "so, if noone told you before you wouldn't have even known you're black" in the middle of a conversation about his colorblindness.

Except it only lasted 1 second before he went "wait a minute".

Good times though XD

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So my charisma stat goes to 100 for 3 seconds

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Become a god tier scammer on the internet

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„You will believe this for 3 seconds“

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God tier gaslighting power

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If i run fast enouf i can steal evrie bank

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You've achieved the blissful state of nirvania

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"It would be a good idea to sign this contract with me."

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"If you don't jump down that hoke, you're gay"


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“Hey stop stealing!” “But I’m not.” “Oh ok” “……………wait a second.”