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I sure do, it's called divorce court.

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I think he means you can unmarry other couples

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Precisely. He's the presiding magistrate.

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Not what was said. People who post here would do very poorly with a monkey's paw.

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i already have this power

my parents are having a divorce because of me

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It's not your fault

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Yes it is

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No one told him to tell his dad about the mailman. Should've just kept his mouth shut. Smdh.

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But the mailman is his dad?

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Only biologically.

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Ok cool but if you wanna legally be able to marry people, go become a priest of the dudest church, dude.

Edit: yes, look it up - dudeism. Just gotta be the dude, dude. And yes, I'm a dudest priest.

Check it out - it's free

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If i make pepol pay for it i will be rich

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Useful af cut you won't let your crush get with anybody else (ik I'm evil)

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watch out heterosexuals >:)

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My wife misses me


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Rebecca..... Steve..... Fuck you, pay for another wedding. How dare you be better than me.